Rev Rev Rev - "Des fleurs magiques bourdonnaient"



The second full length album, from Italy's premier shoegaze outfit, Rev Rev Rev, sees them deliver an absolute sonic sledgehammer of an LP.

Perfect for those wishing to add yet more fuzzed up, tremeolo'd noise, to their collection. This is sure to be one of 2016's greatest albums. Grab a copy while you can, as these are going to be future collectors pieces...

Released on limited edition, 'hazy daze' duo-coloured virgin vinyl.


1. Buzzing flowers ecstasy

2. Nightwine

3. Travelling westbound

4. We can but dream

5. Caffè

6. Je est un autre

7. A ring without an end

8. Ripples

9. Plymouth morning

10. Blame

11. Just a spot

12. Aloft